Marine ~ Maritime

While working on a post on area boating museums using the words marine and maritime I happened to wonder about the original definitions of the words. Here’s what I found and some fun pursued after that.

ma·rine     adjective

– of, found in or produced by the sea.

fresh· wa·ter     adjective

of, found in or produced in fresh water; not of the sea.

nau·ti·cal       adjective
– connected with the sea, especially seafaring commercial or military activity.
– a person who attacks and robs ships at sea.

noun ~ historical
–  a commander or crew member of a privateer (ship), often regarded as a pirate.
a privately owned armed ship authorized by government for use in war, especially in the capture of enemy merchant shipping.

noun ~ historical
– a pirate, originally off the Spanish-American coasts.

noun ~ archaic– a pirate.
– a pirate ship
– a privateer, operating in the Mediterranean in the 16th–18th centuries.